Why I Joined Skit Comedy Despite Being A Producer - Taraba Renowned Producer Aired Out

After producing songs and signing a lot of talents, Xpensive has joined skitmaking as a comedian, according to his responses to Jeremy Spell Blog he didn't start skitmaking to dump the production of music, but rather to diversify into entertainment.

Why I Joined Skit Comedy Despite Being A Producer - Taraba Renowned Producer Aired Out

Comedy has now become the new oil money, over the few years a lot of Nigerians have shown interest in this newfound wealth. A day will not go by without admiring pictures of comedians flaunting their new houses, cars, and gifts to friends and families on social media, These new short movies named "Skit" have started to generate attraction of skit makers in the country. 

According to Calmart, The tremendous growth of the skit-making industry is evident as Dataleum, in March 2022, Skit-making was listed as the third largest entertainment sector in Nigeria, boasting a remarkable net worth of approximately N50 billion. This billionaire industry has caught the attention of a lot of people including Taraba producer Xpensive, the producer who is widely known in the Southern part of the state but is not a new face in the Northern part of the state. One of our correspondents who noticed his new talent reached out to him to have a conversation, and with his permission, we were able to put this together. 

Good morning Mr. Producer, I recently saw your comedy skit, can you tell us why you joined comedy as a music producer? 

I believe comedy is also part of entertainment, although I started with acting before moving down to music production.

It is very hard to put out content in this part of the world, I mean Taraba, and get noticed, so how do you want to achieve that as a skit maker?

I am not working alone, we have a team, so I believe if we work hard and bring out good contents that will make people laugh, I'm sure we will go places. And also, support from friends and families will also go a long way, I have very good feelings about F9COMEDY.

How did you come up with the name F9 comedy? Does it relate to the F9 of the Fast X?

Hahaha, No it has nothing to do with Fast 9 or X. The team decided to use F9COMEDY because,

F stands for Funny, the number 9 is considered a complete number, well perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system, so if you are to relate it to the name F9 has complete or perfect contents related to laughter.

What should the public expect from the laughter of F9 comedy?

Greatness, we are going to put Taraba on the map when it comes to skit making and the public should also be ready to laugh because we are ready to burst their brain and create good content.

What is your advice for those who want to go into comedy in Taraba?

They should not be discouraged but keep pushing because the sky is big enough to accommodate everyone.

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