About A-Foundation

Brief Biography About A-Foundation

A-Foundation was established on the 4th day of October 2019. As a non-governmental, non-profit organization with headquarters located in Zing Local Government of Taraba State, Nigeria.

The goals and objectives of the Foundation are based on the principles of transparency and realistic evaluation of individual achievements. The Foundation is registered for public benefit and its targeted audience is the immediate society.

To accomplish its goals, the Foundation frequently joins efforts with organizations, institutions, and individuals; provides financial support, Award scholarship, and meritorious prizes on a competitive basis; organizes charity events; assists in the organization of symposia, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.

The Foundation is an excellent front, in which the main capital is gathered through donations made by organizations and private individuals. A large part of these donations are pieces of art. The organization is an independent and publicly supported charity.


A-foundation as a syndicate of great minds is dedicated to;

1. Increase the awareness of the privileged on the need to participate in individual and community service initiatives.

2. To raise a generation of change agents/Nation-builders.

3. To generally assist in the development of gifted children and capable young people by providing equal opportunities based exclusively on their professional skills and contributing to their education, professional training, and creative development.


To efficiently and effectively regulate and enable the charitable sector to enhance its role in National development.

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