2023: "Kefas’s Emergence As PDP Flag bearer Marks the End of Opposition in Taraba" - Nelson Dimas

2023: Kefas’s Emergence As PDP Flag bearer Marks the End of Opposition in Taraba, Says Nelson Dimas

By Nelson Dimas

The long-awaited moment has arrived after the presentation of the certificate of return to the people's anointed candidate Hon. A.A. Kefas, who emerged as the official gubernatorial flag bearer of Taraba State.

Hon A.A. Kefas's emergence as the PDP Gubernatorial flag bearer continues to generate reactions across the state. For so long the Taraba State yearn for a political runner who will put the state on the blueprint and he A. A Kefas has proven he is ready and he is the right mandate for this big work that is targeted at Taraba State. 

That is why It is important to work as a team to achieve this set of dreams which the great man builder has set aside for the betterment of this state.

Taraba Born communication strategist, Nelson Dimas, has boasted that KEFAS's formal entry into the 2023 race will mark the end of the opposition of all sorts in Taraba.

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