National Council For Women Societies Taraba State Branch Celebrates International Women's Day

National Council For Women Societies Taraba State Branch Celebrates International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day this year Taraba State women have moved for gender equality and fairness. Using the hashtag #BreakTheBias the women mobilize intellectuals, associations, and groups to educate their fellows on the meaning and effectiveness of gender equality in the city of Jalingo. The program was organized by the National Council For Women Societies (NCWS) Taraba State Branch Under the leadership of Mrs.. Punarimam Daniel Atenji JP as the President., Nigeria For Women Project in collaboration With the Ministry Of Women Affairs And Child Development. The program which was held at Excellence International School Mile Six is attended by different representatives of women from the sixteen local government areas of the state including Ngada and Nyantu special development areas and also had Ass. Prof Rebecca Kense Daniel Irany as the Guest Speaker of the program. This year's theme is "Gender Equality Today For Tomorrow's Sustainability" while the world agreed theme is "Break The Bias". The event also witnesses panel discussion which was Moderated by the Youth Coordinator of NCWS Miss Chilean Peace Jonathan and  four(4) Panelists amongst are; Dr. Talatu Buba Bello, Comrade Isah Mohammed, Mrs. Dorothy Faransa and Mercy Bishop respectively. The Wife of the Governor of Taraba State Barr. Dr.. Anna Darius Dickson Ishaku was ably represented by Hon. Mrs. Bridget Twar .

The president of National Council For Women Societies Taraba State Branch Mrs. Punarimam Atenji said;

"Today being International Women's Day marks an iconic day to women not just in Nigeria but women all over the world. The eight of March has been reserved exclusively to celebrate the women who are the greatest gift to mankind. Today, we do not only celebrate ourselves, no, today is for a far greater cause. It is a celebration of women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements because we too have a role to play for the betterment or that society. It is for this reason that today also serves a significant purpose, a purpose to rally together and say with a voice that we deserve a world that accepts better gender equality. We must celebrate our successes as women there must be a space tor us to function and achieve them. Now is a great time like never before to increase the awareness of women's equality. Although women in our part of the world have accepted the normalcy and have moved on with their lives. It is proper to say that it is a woman that builds a nation because a nation starts from the home. It is on this foundation that we see the responsibility that we shoulder that indeed makes us unique and integral to societal development. The home should be where it starts, but not where it ends. one believe that there is more than the woman can do in her little ways to break the bias of inequality.

First and foremost, we must include men in gender conversations and celebrations. You can start by teaching your sons the equality between male and female, we are both, partners after all. Teach your sons today because they will become men tomorrow, men that will be able to understand that women in politics, holding careers, and even spearheading the headlines for academic exploits instead of killing their dreams in the name of marriages is a sight he should not be afraid of and that if she must marry he too must make sure that her dreams are not terminated because of stereotypical roles that cause her to sacrifice her ambitions before they blossom to become exploits. Another way that women can come together to break the Bias of gender inequality is in the workplace. An inclusive environment to help women thrive to the apex of their careers must be reinstated. We cannot be able to solve the world's problems until vibrant women are included equally in business, education, health, and even in politics. As we can observe around the world that countries with equal gender rights tend to see more improvements in the economy, workforce, and communal growth in general. This is a call from the true partnership, where systems are created for everyone to play a part because two can work better than one"

Also speaking Mr. Isah Mohammed who is a lecturer with the political science department of Taraba State University during panel discussion has this to say

"A study conducted by the United Nations Development Programme on“Gender Social Norms Index”has found that bias against girls/women in both sexes is 90 percent.This is a serious problem towards attaining gender equality in all ramifications from the Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals.The findings is what prompted  break the bias as the sub-theme of year 2022 internal women's day. What is needed to advance the cause of women should be through equal opportunities and empowerment (UNDP 2020). Hence gender equality and equity is the way to leveling the playing field for women to favorably compete and excelling in politics, governance, and the corporate world. A recent study by Equality Commission found that 60 percent of women face one for more another bias and discrimination in their working place.This situation is bleak for women’s future in organizations and governance"

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