"If We Don't Value Taraba Entertainers, Outsiders Will Not Value Them Too" - Magjizzy


The Founder and CEO of Butterfield Best Entertainment (Music) have called on individuals, groups and all Tarabans to show love and value the entertainers in the state. He said this during a conversation with one of our reporter.

The popularly claimed Taraba Don Jazzy have express his sadness over this lingering issue and made a clarion call.

"Tarabans don't show love and support to their entertainers, we have lot of personal issues and we tend to let those things affect the flow of entertainment which will help our artistes" He said.

"Most of our artistes here spend a lot of money to record in studio sessions and are looked down whenever they go for event or shows, sometimes you will find out that an artiste will be paid N5,000 or N10,000 which is little for their upkeep not to talk about their transportation and other bills, if they are lucky then they will paid N15,000 or N20,000"

"There are lesser artistes that are paid that amount in this state" he lamented.

"We have talented and creative artistes that deserved handsome payment but we Tarabans don't value them, if we don't value them then who will do so?" He asked.

We are the one to make our entertainment lively and if we don't do that now we will keep suffering.

Magjizzy is also the manager of Stain one of Taraba outstanding artiste.

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