What You Don't Understand By Life, Here Is The Real Definition Of Life

What You Don't Understand By Life, Here Is The Real Definition Of Life

Life isn't about material things.
Life isn't just about wining and dining.
Life isn't just about getting rich and spending lavishly.
Life isn't just about making a lot of friends.
Life isn't just about hitting it big.
Life isn't just about having numerous girlfriends/ boyfriends.
Life isn't just about having flashy cars.
Life isn't all about owning the latest phones.
Life isn't about being famous.
Life isn't just about working in the biggest companies.
Life isn't about wearing the latest designers.
Life isn't just about party, fun and fun all the way.
Life is far from all these...
Life isn't a bed of roses...

It's  about the good things you do
It's about the substance you have.
It's about being different.
It's about what you can do.
It's about striving.
It's about setting a goal and working towards achieving it.

Life isn't just about settling for less.....
Life is not just about talking, but going as far as doing something no matter how small or big it is.....it will still count.
It's about how u have used what you have...what God has given to you to influence someone's life. 
Life's about making a change.
Life's about the number of souls you have impacted into.
Life's about all the meaningful and remarkable things you've done so far and not about material things.
Material things would obviously fade away....

But the impact you make in a person's life, would forever be appreciated and recognized.

I remember asking my dad why he hated celebrating his birthdays.... And he said....

It's not just about celebrating your new age and partying... It's about celebrating what you've achieved in the past years.....

So what have you achieved? 
Is it worth celebrating?

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