Things Determination Can Do For You When You Feel Like Giving Up

Things Determination Can Do For You When You Feel Like Giving Up

People often make the mistake of giving up so easily. They just try it out once and if it doesn't work out, they opt out. 

They love to do something, but later change their minds probably because of what people tell them.

They start to do something but then, along the way, due to a little challenge, they opt out. They don't do what they ought to just because they are afraid of what people might say or think about them.

They don't achieve their goals, they don't live a happy and fulfilled life, they are yet to reach where they ought to have reached, they don't achieve their goals, they do things they ought not to be doing, they live other people's lives.
You see a lot of people have dreams and aspirations
They have goals they wanna achieve but don't get to achieve them oftentimes because:
They give up easily, not realizing how close they are to success.
They listen and consider people's opinions, forgetting that people would always be people.
They lack the strong zeal and determination to push forward, forgetting that one doesn't just have a goal and sleep over it.
They let people determine how far they would go in life, not realizing the fact that they would tell you just so you don't do it.

The truth is, people would always be talk.
Everyone would always have an opinion on how you ought to live your life.
But determination and zeal surpasses it all.
With determination, 
even thousands of people can't stop.
With determination,
You can climb the highest mountain.
With determination,
You can prove them all wrong.
With determination,
You can turn impossibilities to possibilities.
With determination,
You can do all things.
With determination,
You can reach there.
With determination,
You can do it successful even when others have tried and failed.
With determination, 
You can be the best.

No person or project has become successful by starting and abandoning or opting out on the way.

Every single successful project takes determination.

What people say shouldn't matter to you at all.

Just remain quiet, stay focused and determined, make sure you make something your biggest motivation and the results would speak for you.

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