Why I Left Gospel Music - Oma Studiorat

Why I Left Gospel Music - Oma Studiorat

Following controversial posts by Oma Studiorat, Jeremy Spell Blog dug into reasons why the artiste changed his decision so suddenly after applying for Gospel Music Quest and quitting the contest immediately after audition. One of our correspondent at Jeremy Spell Blog had a little chat with the artiste and we are able to bring some interesting reasons why the artiste changed his genre of music.

According to the singer although many people blamed him for changing his genre of music. He did that in order to concentrate on his genre of music called reality music.

Emphasizing more on his reasons, the artiste stressed the fact that the real gospel of Christ is all about one's life and how one use it. And his new genre of music will focused on his own part of life and own journey, according to the him, such music will be everywhere for whomsoever that believed in reality music or his kind of music.

When asked what will be his reaction when people complained that he left the church, the Singer had this to say

"Yes, I left the altar...."

The artiste made references to his previous replies stressing the fact that he has chosen his own path of the music Journey and will work hard to see that it is achieved.

Although with the singers decision, many of his fans and well wishers are angry over his decision. Others condemned the decision while few applauded his step towards making a change.

So what can you say to this?

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