Official Declaration And Manifesto Of Mrklins Thompson For The Office Of President Taraba State Entertainment Industry

Official Declaration And Manifesto Of Mrklins Thompson For The Office Of President Taraba State Entertainment Industry

My name is Mrklins Thompson an entrepreneur, business consultant, a husband and a father. The lead founder and CEO of First Class Entertainment Industry and PHEE-G event planners and decorations Jalingo aspiring for the post of president taraba State entertainment industry.

I want to start by appreciating the electoral committee for a wonderful planning and coordination, also the past EXCOS and state holders for the legacy and sacrifice for the growth of the industry.

I will start by saying bad leadership lead to bad decisions and bad decisions lead to failures. Failure prompt the destruction of a nation. Let's say no to bad leadership and God-fatherism.

• I am not here to promise you the whole World but to reassure you that if chance I am given this chance myself and my team will work hard to transform the Industry with our ideas creativity and wide network of friends and partners making sure we deploy joined resources to proffer more investors to help the industry.

• It is my passion to build an industry that will be fair to all entertainers and provide a platform for all. Collective ideas is one of my step towards working together with everyone, I quote "I belong to everybody and to nobody"

• Having the interest of the industry at heart and its growth I believe by God's grace the industry will raise again. Looking at my previous records would speak for me. I have successfully carried out four editions of Mr and Miss Tertiary Institutions Taraba State and Award Night. I have planned more than hundred events to date . I believe with your vote and support the industry will be great.

• I promise in not less than 100 days in office if mandate is given to me I will do my possible best to achieve two to three of the below agenda

1. Sponsoring of our artistes.

2. Generating income for the industry by purchasing a complete electronic sound set to enable us to enjoy it at our industry night and rent it out for fund generation.

3. Making sure our industry night event is executed efficiently.

4. Ensure good representation with the state government. 

5. A surprise.

The above can be achieved by myself and you with our collaborative efforts.

Also questions was raised on how to tackle the insecurity that we usually experience in events and I suggested a brilliant idea which was given to the satisfaction of all.

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