"How I Met Señorita" Dancer Xtrobite Shares His Love Story

Jalingo Gist: "How I Meet Señorita" Dancer Xtrobite Share His Love Story

Jalingo, The capital city of Taraba state is not only adorned with natural resources and environment but with lovely people too. On our first edition of Jalingo Gist Our correspondent at Jeremy Spell Blog had a long and wonderful talk with Xtrobite. A Taraba dancer who is widely known in the state capital and beyond. Xtrobite talked a lot about his relationship and how he started the Journey. The experience is breathtaking and worth reading from someone who refused to give up on his quest of finding real love with his girlfriend señorita.

Xtrobite, Welcome To Jalingo Gist We Are Grateful To Have You On Our First Edition. Everyone Is Curious To Know About Your Story With Señorita. Would You Mind Sharing With Us?

"I started crushing on her since in her senior secondary school one (SS1) and I couldn't confess my love for her because that time she was very stubborn and she don't have manners that is what people told me about her, So I continued crushing secretly.

I left the area and moved to Yola that is when we become friends on Facebook. But we were not to close because she don't know about my existence and feelings. I started chatting her around 2015. She hardly reply back because she don't chat guys that she is not familiar with.

Often times I use to stand on their street just to catch a glance at her coming back from where she taught children.

All of a sudden we become friends. Just casual friends. She started admiring my dance steps in 2016.

We later become best of friends in 2020 calling each other bestie without any strange feelings attached. Coz by then I knew her as a faithful girlfriend so I let my feelings go.

That same year she treated me well as her bestie. Suddenly my feelings become fresh and I started making moves to let her know how I felt for her. On my birthday I requested a kiss as my birthday gift which she refused.

I was sad and lose hope entirely and decided to move on with my life. I become careless to her by then she was already use to me so she called my attention to come and collect my Birthday gift. The gift I will never forget about"

Admiring a girl from 2012 to 2020 is not in vain. She changed my life because I was a womanizer before I meet her and now I love her and only her till the end.

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