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Nathaniel Nangwang James Ramnan popularly known as NATHY is a Nigerian Gospel Singer. He hails from a town called Dadur in Langtang North of Plateau State. He started playing instrument at a tender age in Cocin Church Dadur now a Regional Church Council (RCC).

His music carrier started in Church of Christ in Nations(COCIN)IN 2003. And became a solo artist in 2019 where  he released his first album titled MY HEART CRY in 2020.

Nathy sings in Taroh, Hausa and English and has minister in different programs with the Nigeria.

Minister NATHY is a singer and a songwriter. In his word I wrote this song knowing fully that by my own strength I can't do anything except the giver of life holds my hand less I fall. RIKE NI is a song written in Hausa word which means HOLD ME(JESUS). For in Him alone will I find strength (Philippians 4:13).

Notable Lyrics

Thank you Jesus....Rike ni ya yesu
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh...
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh....oh oh oh oh...

Na baka,Na baka,Na baka zuciya ta..
Na mika,na mika,Na mika hanaye na......
(Rike ni oh...oh oh oh
Rike ni oh oh...) 2times

Stanza 1
I've made a decision to follow you....
I've made a decision to serve you Lord
By my strength I will fail
Cos I can't count the times I have failed
From now onwards yesu na baka zuciya ta ah
Hold my hands lead me to the cross I pray
Take me by the hand save me from my self
Ga hanu na..Rike ni oh ya yesu
Na baka zuciya ta ah...


Komai karfi na na san na kasa...
Komai iyawa na na kasa
In baka Rike ni ba yesu zan fadi...
Gani na zo gaban ka Rike ni oooo
Na baka zuciya ta na mika jiki na
Na mika hanaye na Rike ni oh...
Rayuwa ta da iyali na Na baka..
Komai da komai yesu na baka...
Yesu ka Rike ni......


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  1. This song connects you directly to heaven it's like heaven on Earth. More grace Nathy

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