"How Rejection Made Me A Go Getter" - Faith J


"How Rejection Made Me A Go Getter" - Faith J

It is a memorable day for the students of Taraba State University, Jalingo after handful of years in the Academia. It is a prayer answered to Faith J too as she is on the pathway of bagging her undergraduate degree after challenges that has befallen her. To graduate from Taraba State University is a "privilege indeed" with the system suffering with strikes and lot of issues it is a happy moment for its final year students who recently logged out.

A chat with Faith J about her life during her stay in the university and this is what she has to say;

"I was once thrown away because I wasn't a degree holder" she told Jeremy Spell Blog correspondent. "It happened during a bridal train. When we were asked to come out for photograph, someone I knew, a childhood friend told me that the photograph was meant for degree holders not NCE holders like me" it was so embarrassing but I took it in good faith and also as a motivation. A lot of things happened, I battled through payment of school fees, got betrayed by a friend who I entrusted my money to him. Gone through ups and down in school but finally I've logged out.

When asked by Jeremy Spell Blog about the source of her motivation she had this to say too;

"After what my friend said I felt confused, bittered and don't know where to go, but I summoned courage and promised to get that degree and proved her wrong and I did it at last" 

"Lastly I did it for my mother, I got the degree for mummy!" she added.

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