Mihu: Hundreds Attended Jenjo Annual Festival In Jen

Mihu: Hundreds Attended Jenjo Annual Festival In Jen

Written By:

Jeremiah Genesis Ezra

This year 2021 Jenjo Annual Mihu festival was graced by hundreds as the tribe returns to its usual Mihu celebration after the 2020 celebration which ended in bloody clash. The festival which always held on first saturday of every May has lot of individuals from the giant tribe who are far and near visiting to grace the occasion.

Although last year's edition left a lot of youths dead and few injured which resulted in misunderstanding as well as chaos between the Nigerian Army and the vibrant youths of the land. As the corona virus pandemic is coming to an end as a result of the provision of the long awaited vaccine as well as guidelines (Usage of facemasks) which allowed interested individuals and groups to attend this year edition of the festival.

According to Jeremy Spell Blog reporter who graced the occasion sent down pictures of how hundreds who were opportune to attend the festival likewise in 2020 where the terror of corona virus as well as the impost lockdown on some towns and cities of Taraba state.

"There are hundreds of people who attended this year Mihu festival" reported Victor Danjuma, "And inarguably the most visited festival in Taraba state, we have a lot of people visiting from different states as well as local government here in Taraba state" he added.

Here are some of the pictures gotten during the festival;

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