"Without Money And Hustle Doing Music Is Useless" - Vman Deviper

"Without Money And Hustle Music Is Useless" - Vman Deviper

Nwuban water Ambassador and also Jukun finest artiste Vman Deviper have aired his view concerning music when asked by Jeremy Spell Blog about music in Taraba State. According to the artiste anyone doing music now without hustle to aid him in his music career then he or she is just wasting time.

"Real music needs sacrifice" he told one of our reporter. Music doesn't stop in the studio alone, it entails paying your studio session, graphic designers, bloggers and promoters to promote your new song or videos. If you don't have any hustle to help you gather money for these then you'll suffer and as well won't reach to people who are supposed to listen to your songs or videos.

The artiste later called upon Taraba artistes as well as entertainers to start little handiworks that will earn them as little money to help them in their journey of music

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