Kwararafa Met Gala 2021: All You Need To Know, Price Packaged And Promotions

Kwararafa Met Gala 2021: All You Need To Know

The 2021 edition of KWARARAFA MET GALA is an idea to create empowerment through  creating a Fashion Revolution, KGK EMPIRE INC, assembled is set with a dream for a fashion industry that values people and enriches lives with youths in focus

The KGK empire want to use this project to impact the lives of everyone who meet the standard of creativity and to encourage those who are working towards gaining a livelihood across the Fashion industry

According to the organization, they view designers more than creative artists and agents of change and transformation in the society. 

"Fashion designing has changed drastically, it’s not like in the olden days where tailors find it difficult to use this medium to take care of their families

In recent times, the Fashion Industry lifts people out of poverty, creates thriving societies and fulfils aspiration

The trend in fashion has made it a visible tool for youths empowerment, to this regard the KGK EMPIRE INC Management initiated the "Youth Empowerment Through Fashion" as the official theme of the 2021 edition of the KWARARAFA MET GALA NIGHT to motiviate the youths to embrace the Fashion industry

This project will feature judges on the grand finale, who will sit to take to consideration different designs of fashion designers who will register to compete. 

To all the Fashionistas who think they have what it takes to stage at the KWARARAFA MET GALA NIGHT 2021, this is your opportunity to showcase"

Registration costs 5K and prices includes:

Grand Price: Brand  New Sewing Machine

2nd Position: Materials Worth 20K

3rd Position: Materials 10K, Endorsements and Consolation Prices

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