Taraba Ministry Of Education, Stakeholders Proposed 21st September For Reopening Of Schools

Taraba Ministry Of Education, Stakeholders Proposed 21st September For Reopening Of Schools

The Taraba state ministry of Education has on Tuesday proposed the 21st of September for reopening of schools in the state according to Rhapsodi Affos Blog

This was followed after a meeting held between the ministry, Taraba State Universal Education Board (TSUBEB), directors of education, stakeholders and actors in the sector.

According to Rhapsodi Affos Blog, While Chairing the meeting, Taraba state Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Mr. Jigem H. Johanes said it is important that schools are reopened since there have been no reports of any index case in the state for over 2weeks now.

According to Johanes, the state Junior Secondary School Certificate in Education (JSSCE) was conducted two weeks ago and no case was recorded apart from three students that were reportedly sick and were isolated, after a While it was confirmed that they were negative.

Dr Yakubu Agbaizo, Chairman of the Taraba State Primary Education Board (TSUBEB) while speaking, stressed the fact that, though the pandemic has taken a toll on the world's economy,  Taraba not exception,  he noted that there have been a declining rate in the index cases and most states have return to normalcy.

Agbaizo said, the governor is a man who loves knowledge and thus,  if all necessary requirements are met, he will thus approve the reopening of schools in the state.

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was agreed that the the ministry will reach out to the state COVID19 task committee for updates on the the pandemic, it will also reach out to  the ministry of health for updates and if no case is on ground and if all measures have been put in place,  it will submit it to the governor for approval.

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