Kaduna Artist Paints Chadwick Boseman "Black Panther" To Celebrate The Black Hero


Kaduna talented artist and professional painter "Bamaiyi Danladi" have paint the photo of Chadwick Boseman "Black Panther" the sensational artist took his time to create this painting into reality
Writing on the picture, the artist has this to say;
"The Reason Why My Heart Is Broken About The Passing Of Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) Is Not Because He Was The "First" Black Superhero. If You Are From The 90s Like I Am. You Know About Blade. You Know About Static Shock. You Know About Spawn. Black Panther Just Happens To Be The First Superhero Movie Based On An African Character That Got Enough Media Exposure. When White Kids Look At Superman They See In Themselves The Potential To Do Good. When They See Spider Man Batman. They See Themselves In Those Characters. This Is The Power & The Importance Of Symbols. Symbols Are Very Important. If You Know Anything About Psychology You Know How Pictures Affect The Brain. White People Understand This Perfectly. That's Why They Went Around The World Making Jesus White. Making God White Because It Affects How You See Them. Today We Have Black People That Think White People Are Better Because Of This. So When We Mourn The Death Of Chadwick. It's Bigger Than What You Think. Black Panther Means So Much In Our Fight To Restore Ourselves In The World. White People Understand This Better Than Most Black People. Black People Don't Understand What Just Happened. Psychology Has Always Been Our Weakness. We Are Physically Strong But Look How The World Controls Us. Everything Starts In The Mind. White People Have Symbols For Everything. The Cross. Superheros. White Jesus. Racism. You Have Nothing But Gang Signs That's Why You Keep Losing"
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