Yabwoy Gas: Taraba Supportive Artiste Of The Month Of July

Yabwoy Gas: Taraba Supportive Artiste Of The Month


-With a lot of artiste's roaming in and across the state and those who strive hard to be on the line of the entertainment area, We at Jeremy Spell Blog tries to bring out an artiste that strives and support his fellow artistes.

With the state entertainment industry strives to see that it reached to a climax and also achieve its goals there's also a platform opened for competition and criticism, But in this stage the artiste help his fellow act in different diversity both in promotion and different ways in promoting his fellow artiste's

Jeremy Spell Blog have search and researched the names of artiste's that are vital in this category and have chosen one person who's suitable and deserved this credit.


Taraba Afro act and semi reggae artiste deserved this credit as the most supportive artiste of the month of July. The "Dan Gaye" Crooner and versatile singer is one act that make sure that his songs are not only meaningful to the ear but also leave a message to his listeners.
Having featured "Triple M" in "Pride Of Woman" the artiste have surely left a message in the lives of women.

Yabwoy Gas have not only promote his fellow artistes contents (Links, Posts etc) but make sure he lured the public into engaging with them and promoting it to the best of his strength. Indeed Yabwoy Gas deserved the supportive artiste of the month.

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