Nagombe Empowers Youths With Motorcycles In NGADA Special Development Area


Rev. (Hon) Nagombe Joseph Titus, the coordinator NGADA Special Development Area in an effort to ameliorate the transportation challenges encountered by passengers in Sunkuru, has purchased motorcycles. The purchase of the motorcycles is unarguably needful given the fact that NGADA on all fronts is deprived of road network to the area and It's pathetic to mention here that the only or major means of transport within and outside NGADA is done through the use of motorcycles.

Speaking during the ceremony marking the distribution of the bikes to the youths that will handle them, Nagombe lamented how he saw the need to get the motorcycles for the area citing that he observed from time to time passengers get stranded and at worst couldn't make their journey to where they wanted because of lack of available motorcycles.  He maintained that he was determined to continue the purchase of more motorcycles from time to time in order to solve the transport challenges face by the people of the area. He said the gesture was part of his empowerment plan for the youths.

Various individuals who offered their voices during the occasion, praised the good action taken by the coordinator and prayed that God will uplift him to greater positions so that he will not only serve people in NGADA but at both the state and national level. Thy cautioned the youths that were given the motorcycles that they must ensure they handle the motorcycles with Care and avoid all forms of debauchery.

Speaking on behalf of other beneficiaries, Mr Samson David Gada expressed their appreciation to coordinator for giving them the trust to handle the motorcycles and added that with the trust given to them they fail on the trust reposed on them.

In another development, Nagombe has issued appointment letters to the staff of 'Victoria Hotel', Sunkuru. The issuance of the appointment letters came barely two years after the staff were working on temporary appointment as casual staff. Victoria Hotel is a hotel own by an individual who saw the future of NGADA and the need for visitors to the area have suitable accommodation. It's at the moment under the control and supervision of the coordinator, Hon. Nagombe Joseph Titus.

In a brief induction lecture delivered on Hotel management and duties of the staff by Hon. Solomon Isa, the former SSA to the governor,
 the staff were urged to observe some behaviors that are suitable for the organization which has to deal with the public.

Issuing the appointment letters, Nagombe stated that with time the hotel will develop  other new services as seen in standard hotels in urban areas. He urged the staff to work in unity.

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