What If An Older Female Rapes A Younger Male? - Nigeria's House Of Reps Speaker Asks As House Rejects Castration Of Rapists.


We are all aware of the recent upsurge in sexual violence against women and it had generated a nationwide debate as to what sanctions would be  deterrent enough to nib the canker in the bud.
However, the House of Representatives members on Thursday, June 4, rejected castration as punishment for people convicted of rape.
A member of the the House, Hon James Faleke suggested during a debate on the motion of increased sexual violence against women particularly the rape and murder of  two girls in Oyo and Edo states recently.

According to Lindaikejisblog.com, the lawmakers identified "weak institutions, poor enforcement, poverty and unnacceptable social practices" are the reasons that can be adduced for sexual violence against women, rejected Faleke's suggestion when speaker of thethe House, Femi Gbajabiamila subjected subjected it to in a voice note.

The debate turned dramatic when Gbajibiamila reportedly asked what would happen to an older female who rapes a younger male, a question that reportedly generated noise in the chamber.

The lawmakers were however vehement in condemning the increasing cases of rape in the country which they described as the common form of violence against women.

They further condemned the harrasment and brutality of women by members of the security agencies.
Although the lawmakers voted against castration of rapists as an amendment to the motion, they called for stiffer penalties against persons found guilty of rape.

They urged FG to launch a more effective campaign against rape and other forms of sexual violence against women.

Source: PulseNg.com

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