How Jalingo Hike Ruined My Relationship With My Boyfriend - Lady Cries Out


A lady name withheld have reached to Jeremy Spell Blog to share her sad story on how her relationship crumble as a result of Jalingo Hike

Jalingo the capital city of Nature's gift to the nation is no doubt one of the few cities with mountains and hills around and it is not left out in the process of hiking

But in this phase, it was not hiking itself, it concerns relationship and the lady wept bitterly complaining about what she suffered and how she was humiliated

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"All these while I knew something was wrong, from his posts on his Facebook and how he react to the comments of the lady he told me was Just a friend, this was not the first time and not the last either, maybe this is the last because I finally found of the truth" the lady wrote to Jeremy Spell Blog complaining bitterly

"I decided to check on him, he never told me he's going to the hike, but I knew he would go when she the lady that ruined my relationship was going she posted on her timeline.. I later told my friend to go to the hike promising to accept whatever she asked me to do in return to spy on them, she later agreed and I was grateful she came back with the photos they snapped, I would have wanted you to post them but I've forgiven them, I've given up on relationship but what Jalingo hike have done to me will never be forgotten!" She concluded

We've tried to apologize or calm her down but to no avail, it seems nature have taken it course


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