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Joel Bamaiyi better known on stage as De3ty, Soundboy or Santa was born on 19 October 

Joel Bamaiyi better known on stage as De3ty, Soundboy or Santa was born on 19 October in Borno Maiduguri Police Mobile Barack and brought up in Aba in Abia state having schooled there before coming back to Taraba state where he enrolled in UMCN Junior Seminary Jalingo
Though I'm Christian but my Dad is Muslim I had a Christian background, I grew up with my grandparents because my parents are not together 
My Dad is from Kano, while my mother is from Karim Lamido, Taraba state

Music is just a different thing for me remembered back when I started the music stuffs with SDR and Joeself. I once starred as a gospel artiste, I was not serious then.
I've recorded more than hundred gospel songs or so that time and Joeself was our drummer. I remembered my first award at my secondary school Junior seminary when I won the Award of (Lyricist on the roll)
I released two songs in 2016 produced by DJ Wasco
Wizkid is my inspiration and Ycee is my idol
Trust me we've a lot of talent in Taraba state and I appreciate all the artiste that tries to achieve the best
My best Disc Jotters are my biggest fans From Wasco, Joker, Gamzy, zamani, he added

Favorite Taraba artistes 

I am a big fan of Dee Yasso, El Nelly, Yerimz, Ks ludoz, Burna Boy, Legacy, Ahima, tr6feet CeeJay, Dappy , Khris3tte, Tsunami, Jahman  Albarka Wakili, ademx , Bnk, Mk hert the trap boy, mvix, Seazy , Pfresh girls man, gangba, mafix, mad scientist, Pyper, Amagreat venom, Kator and Ykid, Juccy vibes, Ephemzy,  Samsyl, And love every good artiste in the state that is bringing out good music

My favourite artiste include SDR, Joeself, Ezybit, Jehu, Erik nath, Onoja and lot many doing great

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  1. Very proud of you... you will inspire the world someday


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